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Delicious, Vanilla Conditioner for Silky Hair from Maple Holistics

Working with beauty companies is so much fun. I love trying new products, especially ones that are made by companies who care what is actually going on our skin. I recently partnered with Maple Holistics and they sent me their delicious Silk18 Conditioner to try. Because all of their products are purely sourced and natural, I felt comfortable trying this delicious conditioner on both of my daughters. And to say they were excited to be my models is a huge understatement.


First of all the conditioner smells heavenly, like fresh baked cookies. We shampooed with our regular product and used the Silk18 conditioner on both girls’ hair. It’s so rich you only need to use a small amount and it goes on super smooth. We massaged the product from roots to tips and left it in for two minutes. The conditioner is not tear-free though, so we made sure we were extra safe when rinsing out.

The results were amazing. I could comb through both girls’ thick manes easily and there was no complaints, no tangles and no tears. Amen. Their hair remained super soft for the next day as well, and the fragrance was light and lasting. We could run our fingers through their hair without any fuss.


Take a visit to Maple Holistics and check out their entire product line. Not only do they offer a wide variety of clean hair care products, they have massage oils, witch hazel, essential oils, personal products, and even a dish soap. Their Sulfate Free Shampoo & Tea Tree Oil Conditioner Set sounds divine, along with their Essential Oils set of EIGHT for under $16 and lord knows I need some of their Relaxing Massage Oil after a long week. Sign me up for a massage and glass of bubbly and I’m all in.

Cheers to clean and safe products!

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