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2 Days of Gluten Free Delights in Boston

I’m so happy to know this amazing girl, Erin Kleim, we’ve been friends since high school and we are both gluten free foodies. I’m excited to share her most recent gluten free adventure in Boston. I was salavating seeing her images on Instagram and reached out for a post. Enjoy her gluten free culinary travels through Boston and let us know if you hit one of them up!

Being diagnosed with a gluten allergy 4 years ago brought on so many emotions. I was scared and frustrated yet relieved I had finally figured out why I felt so bad. Over the past 4 years though, I have found a great gluten free community that has helped me navigate this allergy, especially when I am traveling. I not only love to travel but I love food! When I am planning a trip, I research both all the must-see sites and all the must-eat foods. I didn’t want any of that to change with my diagnosis and, luckily, it hasn’t.

I recently traveled to see my little cousin get married in Cape Cod and made a 2 day stop in Boston. First off, if you have never traveled there, GO! It is amazing. It has been on both my travel and food bucket lists for years. So, if you are planning a trip to Boston, I hope my suggestions will leave your tummy full and satisfied.

Day One:

The Freedom Trail: Not only is the 3 mile “walk” full of historical sites but it offers a variety of GF options. You can go inside the Faneuil Hall Market Place which has the Quincy Markey Food Colonnade with over 30 food merchants, and they even provide a full allergy guide. We, unfortunately, did not eat there because we were still stuffed from our breakfast at our hotel.

mike's pastry

Next stop, Mike’s Pastry for their gf Black & White cookie. To say it was insane wouldn’t do it justice. I should have bought another; it was that GOOD! By the time we completed the entire Freedom Trail, we were hungry.


We took a quick ferry ride into the harbor to have our first official meal in Boston. The ferry dropped us off directly in front of the well-known Legal Sea Food. Their menu is user friendly, as everything is labeled. Our server was very knowledgeable about their gluten free items (everything in their fryer is gluten free). My husband and I ended up sharing the Greek Salad and Fish & Chips (French fries and onion rings). The server also brought out gluten free rolls hot out of the oven for me (my husband is not gluten free so she gave him the regular rolls they serve).

Day Two:

Hop On, Hop Off Bus: When in Rome… this was a great way to see the city and eat more gf food.

kane's donuts

We started the morning at Kane’s Donuts (which is not far from stop #1). I will admit, and please no judgement, I ate 2 donuts! Yep 2… and did not share with my husband! They offer many different gf flavors. I ended up having the Lemon Poppyseed and the Old Fashioned. Both were, as you could imagine, delicious!

Luke's Lobster

Near stop #5, is a short walk to Luke’s Lobster for what else, a Lobster Roll! I couldn’t leave Boston without having one. The guy at the counter was very helpful and went over their gf items as well as how they prepare them to avoid cross contamination. I was excited that I could have their Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder. Again, Boston did not disappoint. BTW- if you live on the west coast, Luke’s has a location in San Francisco- yes please!!!

After a long day and 14 of the 17 stops on the bus, we had dinner at Tiger Mama before heading to Fenway for a Red Sox game. I am not sure if I can even explain how yummy my dinner was. The server talked me into getting the Seasonal Greens and the Crispy Pork Ribs. This Southeast Asian eatery had many gf options, but I am so glad that my server had suggested her own gf favorites.


On a side note, Fenway Park offers an entirely Gluten-friendly cart with hotdogs (at the main entrance, 1st base line).

Safe Travels And Happy GF Eating…

2 thoughts on “2 Days of Gluten Free Delights in Boston”

  1. After reading Erin’s post, I want to go to Boston to eat at every single place. Girl, you had me at Black and White cookies until I saw the rib/veggie dinner.
    Thanks for the great info.

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