What Are We Really Doing?

When I became an O Mag Insider in 2017 (now Oprah Daily Ambassador) I wrote in a journal that was gifted to me. I recently read my first entry from 4/23/2017 and it still stands true. Even through the craziness of the past 15 months, plus the loss of so much, I feel exactly the same. I’m at a better place as far as work, but I still struggle with my value, the worth of my life.

“So many times during the day I wonder what I’m really doing with my life. I’m not a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher. I’m not a realtor or a CEO. I’m doing ten things at once, all the time. The funny thing is I remember feeling most comfortable with myself, even as a young teenager, when I had a full schedule, and when I was tackling a lot of different things.

My biggest challenge most days is staying really present. Remembering that I’m only one person and as long as I’m living truthfully that I should ease up on myself. Today I brought people together. I opened my home up. I fed people. I supported people and it made people feel loved. Isn’t that the good of every day? Should that not be the goal of my life?”

Isn’t that cool? The pride of gathering others. Feeding them. Loving them. Listening to them. Is that what I am supposed to be doing?

Fast forward to 2021.

Recently I’ve felt more in alignment in my life, a lightness and calm. I believe this is because my work is now geared toward service. Not just any service though, I’m tired of helping millionaires make more money, and not being valued while doing it. I’m more interested in serving those beings, the people who need the help. The ones who really want the support and are genuinely able to accept it and see the goodness.

I don’t have any regrets, I don’t usually wish to go back in time and change things, but I’m happy it only took me four years to get to a space where I feel more valued, more truth, more content. I hope this little story will inspire at least one person to stop and ask themselves “What am I really doing?” You may just decide to make a change towards something more in tune with your soul’s purpose, at least that’s my hope for you. And if all else fails, come on over. I’ll feed you, support you, and we can laugh about your shitty boss and all the asshats you work with, and then we can start planning your escape together.


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