What Are We Really Doing?

When I became an O Mag Insider in 2017 (now Oprah Daily Ambassador) I wrote in a journal that was gifted to me. I recently read my first entry from 4/23/2017 and it still stands true. Even through the craziness of the past 15 months, plus the loss of so much, I feel exactly the… Continue reading What Are We Really Doing?


A@@less Chaps and Ian Ziering

One of my dearest friends, Angela, and I used to dance on a TV show called The Party Machine with Nia Peeples. We weren't featured dancers, it was full of people dancing, like American Bandstand, and it was hella fun. Because we were on this show we were able to attend the 1991 MTV Music… Continue reading A@@less Chaps and Ian Ziering


First Concerts and Jo Bros

I am going to surprise my kiddos with their first concert this year. I just bought tickets for The Jonas Brothers at the Hollywood Bowl. I think I may be as excited as they are, not because we haven't seen much live music over the past year, but because we get to go together. The… Continue reading First Concerts and Jo Bros


Early Memories

I've always wondered what our earliest memories mean, and how they may form us. My earliest memory is of clown sheets. Yep. You heard me. Clown sheets. IN. MY. CRIB!!!! My parents apparently bought a unisex crib with unisex clown sheets, and a clown on the side. Yes, this explains A lot. My entire life… Continue reading Early Memories


Five Minutes a Day

I've decided to start writing for five minutes each day. In 2014 I started walking five minutes each day, and it's led to over seven years of moving almost every day, and living a much healthier life. I know it sounds like a small amount of time, but it works, it helped me develop other… Continue reading Five Minutes a Day


That Time…I made Pat Sajak Laugh

Photo as seen on TVLine Watching my friend, Sarah Harris, win Wheel of Fortune the other night reminded me of my own WOF experience, and since my mind is suddently a deathtrap for memories, I thought I'd better start writing this shit down... or typing it, or whatever, don't get technical. It's Wednesday at 7:10pm… Continue reading That Time…I made Pat Sajak Laugh


That time I…

I'm going to be writing a series of posts I am calling "That Time I...". What the hell does that mean? Why am I doing this? Honestly because I am starting to forget some of the awesome experiences I've had, so I'm going to blog about them, and then when I'm 99 I can look… Continue reading That time I…

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Meal Planning, Because It’s the Only Thing We Can Do

One of my favorite things about being an O Mag Insider is connecting with this most amazing group of supportive people. I'm so excited to have one of my fellow ambassadors, Cara Meredith, featured on my blog. She runs the amazing site Coloring Outside the Lines and she's just wonderful. I am sure you will… Continue reading Meal Planning, Because It’s the Only Thing We Can Do

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Little Losses Everywhere. Dealing with COVID-19 and grief.

I'm awake in the middle of the night, that's become the new normal. I sleep maybe four hours, five if I'm super lucky. I'm restless because I'm sad, and angry, and worried, and praying, at three in the morning. Tonight I am awake grieving the loss of the end of the school year. And before… Continue reading Little Losses Everywhere. Dealing with COVID-19 and grief.

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Four Florida Cities To Love

I’ve heard that most people in the U.S. have only visited an average of eight states! That’s insane right? While I’m not super close to visiting ALL of them, I did get to visit two new ones this past summer, thanks to the filming of The Great Food Truck Race. One state that is highly… Continue reading Four Florida Cities To Love