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Sometimes saying goodbye is the bravest thing you can do

Watching last night's episode of the Great Food Truck Race was difficult for me, and my family. Seeing the fear, and sadness on my crying face, made the feelings of dispair wash back over me. I remember how it felt to be anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed. Yes, I missed my family, but that's not what… Continue reading Sometimes saying goodbye is the bravest thing you can do

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The Great Food Truck Race is Coming this June, and Guess Who is On it?

So, I filmed a food competition show with Food Network this spring and it was quite an adventure. Tune in June 9th at 9pm PST to see all of the craziness with Tyler Florence and me.

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Are We Anxious Yet?

Getting ready for an adventure is a lot of things. It's exciting, it can be overwhelming and it definitely encourages my anxious self to come out and play. But why do we get anxious? Is it the lack of control and the unknown? Is it because we will be out of our routines, even if… Continue reading Are We Anxious Yet?