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Whole Foods Market speaks Vino

Grape 101 On most wine labels you'll find the name of the grape used to make them or the district (also called the "appellation") in which they're produced. Head spinning? Don't panic! To simplify things, here's a list of popular grapes along with their flavor descriptions and tasty pairings. And to make sure you never… Continue reading Whole Foods Market speaks Vino


5 Cent Bottles of Wine…are You Kidding?

Who doesn't like wine, and who wouldn't want to spend 5 Cents on a bottle? Well BevMo's 5-cent sale is Back. Check out the link below: http://www.bevmo.com/Shop/ProductList.aspx?utm_source=homepage&Ns=Name%7c0&utm_campaign=Banner&area=wine&utm_medium=TopBanner&utm_content=CA&N=39+322 Or visit your local BevMo store for details. You must be a BevMo member, but it's really just like having a card to Vons or Ralphs. Stock up on some delicious… Continue reading 5 Cent Bottles of Wine…are You Kidding?