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Pasta without the guilt

They key to eating pasta, without eating too much pasta, is layering with veggies. Bottom of the bowl is spinach, then add HALF the pasta you would normally eat, then ground turkey meat sauce and top it with steamed broccoli. TIP cook your veggies in the microwave for less clean up. I cooked this spinach… Continue reading Pasta without the guilt

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Cheap meal #1: Chicken with Gluten Free Pasta and Broccoli

  Now that we are saving every penny, or what seriously feels like every last penny, we need to dig deep into our wallets and our pantries to create some delicious, healthy, family-friendly meals that we can make on a tighty-tight budget. Here's the first one my kids and I came up with together. Brown… Continue reading Cheap meal #1: Chicken with Gluten Free Pasta and Broccoli


Poor Woman’s Pesto – No Nuts!

It's not that I dislike pine nuts. I rather enjoy them. Unfortunately they are super expensive and I will only use them for my pesto while the rest of the bag sits in my cupboard for months. That made me think, do I need those nuts in my pesto - nah...and I was right.The Goods2… Continue reading Poor Woman’s Pesto – No Nuts!


Husband Less on a Saturday Night

My husband works a lot of evenings. This particular Saturday night me and my girls are enjoying the weather in So Cal without a man around. We took a walk in the brisk 61 degrees we call "winter".I've already got a bottle of Wild Horse Pinot breathing on the counter. I'll be making spaghetti with Parmesan for… Continue reading Husband Less on a Saturday Night