CVS, RiteAid

Wine at Drugstores…who knew?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The following are deals on wine from RiteAid and CVS. Who knew you could get a great deal while picking up some baby wipes and sinus medication?         RiteAid $5.99 - Bella Serra or Smoking Loon $6.99 - Barefoot Bubbly or Mirassou $8.99 - Clos Du Bois & Sterling Vitners CVS… Continue reading Wine at Drugstores…who knew?

Ralphs, Vons

Wine Deals at Vons & Ralphs in HB

Hurry and head to the Vons or Ralphs in HB near you.  Here are the following specials, ending Tuesday, February 22nd: VONS Bogle, J. Lohr or Barefoot Cellars 8.99 750-ml. Bogle, J. Lohr or 1.5-liter Barefoot Cellars. Selected varietals. Single Bottle Sale Price Club Price - Six Pack Carrier Price 8.10 per bottle 750-ml. or larger. Club… Continue reading Wine Deals at Vons & Ralphs in HB