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Meal Planning, Because It’s the Only Thing We Can Do

One of my favorite things about being an O Mag Insider is connecting with this most amazing group of supportive people. I'm so excited to have one of my fellow ambassadors, Cara Meredith, featured on my blog. She runs the amazing site Coloring Outside the Lines and she's just wonderful. I am sure you will… Continue reading Meal Planning, Because It’s the Only Thing We Can Do

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Easy & Delicious AF Grilled Shrimp Recipe (DGS Free)

Heading to a holiday party or just having a few friends over for some fun? Add this easy and delicious grilled shrimp recipe to your menu. It takes only a few minutes, but the flavor is deliciousness. This appetizer can easily be made into the main dish by adding steamed rice and veggies or serving… Continue reading Easy & Delicious AF Grilled Shrimp Recipe (DGS Free)


Creamy Gluten Free Chicken with White Wine Sauce

So one of my best friend's was down this past weekend and she drinks white wine, while I typically drink sparkling or red. Needless to say I have a few bottles leftover and I have been cooking with them all week. I've made shrimp piccata and now I'm livening up a creamy chicken dish to serve… Continue reading Creamy Gluten Free Chicken with White Wine Sauce


Easy, Cheap & Delicious Refried Beans

Want to know the secret to my almost homemade beans? It's so simple you will wonder why the heck you didn't think of it before.The Food:One Can of Good Pinto Beans (I prefer S&W)One Can of Good Refried Beans (I prefer Rosarita Traditional)1/4 Cup of Shredded Cheese (I like to use Jack & Cheddar)Open cansStir… Continue reading Easy, Cheap & Delicious Refried Beans


Poor Woman’s Pesto – No Nuts!

It's not that I dislike pine nuts. I rather enjoy them. Unfortunately they are super expensive and I will only use them for my pesto while the rest of the bag sits in my cupboard for months. That made me think, do I need those nuts in my pesto - nah...and I was right.The Goods2… Continue reading Poor Woman’s Pesto – No Nuts!


Pioneer Woman Enchiladas with a Few Minor Tweaks

I made these Pioneer Woman ground beef enchiladas last night and they were delicious. I only made a few minor changes. I only added 1 cup of broth to the sauce and it turned out fantastic. I also only sprinkled cilantro on the top of the adult portion of the pan - my kiddos still… Continue reading Pioneer Woman Enchiladas with a Few Minor Tweaks


Mini Muffin Pizzas

Recently I was speaking with a group of girlfriends and referred to mini muffin pizzas. To my dismay, no one had ever made them before. What? How can this be? I grew up with mini muffin pizzas and they are a staple in my house to this day. Now I love to make them with… Continue reading Mini Muffin Pizzas