More Wines Added to BevMo’s 5 Cent Sale!!!


BevMo 5 Cent Cabernets

The sale is still going... Callaway - Coast Cabernet $8.99 Stratford Landing - Cabernet '09 $15.99 Laurelwood - Cabernet '09 $16.99 Michael Pozzan - Cabernet '08 $19.99 Banus Reserve - Cabernet '08 $24.99 Hurry out and buy some good wine for cheap, or you can always order online at

CVS, RiteAid

Wine at Drugstores…who knew?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The following are deals on wine from RiteAid and CVS. Who knew you could get a great deal while picking up some baby wipes and sinus medication?         RiteAid $5.99 - Bella Serra or Smoking Loon $6.99 - Barefoot Bubbly or Mirassou $8.99 - Clos Du Bois & Sterling Vitners CVS… Continue reading Wine at Drugstores…who knew?


Vons Wine Deals for week of 2/23-3/1

VONS   BV Coastal, Red Diamond or Gallo Family Vineyards 5.99 750-ml. BV Coastal, Red Diamond or 1.5-liter Gallo. Selected varietals Ballatore, Barefoot Bubbly or Sutter Home 6.99 750-ml. Ballatore, Barefoot or 1.5-liter Sutter Home. Selected varietals Barefoot Cellars, Yellow Tail or Fetzer 4.99 750-ml. Selected varietals Clos Du Bois, Korbel or Castle Rock (Castle… Continue reading Vons Wine Deals for week of 2/23-3/1

Ralphs, Vons

Wine Deals at Vons & Ralphs in HB

Hurry and head to the Vons or Ralphs in HB near you.  Here are the following specials, ending Tuesday, February 22nd: VONS Bogle, J. Lohr or Barefoot Cellars 8.99 750-ml. Bogle, J. Lohr or 1.5-liter Barefoot Cellars. Selected varietals. Single Bottle Sale Price Club Price - Six Pack Carrier Price 8.10 per bottle 750-ml. or larger. Club… Continue reading Wine Deals at Vons & Ralphs in HB


5 Cent Bottles of Wine…are You Kidding?

Who doesn't like wine, and who wouldn't want to spend 5 Cents on a bottle? Well BevMo's 5-cent sale is Back. Check out the link below: Or visit your local BevMo store for details. You must be a BevMo member, but it's really just like having a card to Vons or Ralphs. Stock up on some delicious… Continue reading 5 Cent Bottles of Wine…are You Kidding?

Fearless Flyer, Trader Joe's Wines

Fearless Wines at Trader Joe’s

February 2011 Pricing Chariot Gypsy White from Northern/Central California - $4.99 per bottle (Blend of Charonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Muscat & Marsanne) WHITE bursting with flowarl aromas, fig, almond, apple & pear with a crisp acidity. Rabbit Ridge Allure de Robles from Paso Robles - $4.99 per bottle (Blend of Grenach, Syrah & Mourvedre) RED with strawberry, cherry… Continue reading Fearless Wines at Trader Joe’s