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5 Easy Tips for a Healthier Week

Everyone I know seems to be rebooting their diet and exercise regime this month and I am no exception. I am a bit unique in my approach though because I prefer to take things at a slower pace. I refer to this mentality as #teamturtle. Jumping head into a crash diet or an extreme workout… Continue reading 5 Easy Tips for a Healthier Week

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Run some miles and make a difference

If any of my running friends are interested. This is a great story about perseverance, empathy, compassion, community and strength. I'm running miles and tagging #runningdry hoping to make a difference. Please join us if you can! #Runningdry #Everydropcounts

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Happy New Year, here’s the resolution you never wanted.

The year started off just fine, super fun actually, but then my body decided to give me a resolution I never wanted, another dietary challenge. If you know anything about me, you know I eat gluten and dairy free. If you are new to my world, I've been gluten free for almost seven years, and… Continue reading Happy New Year, here’s the resolution you never wanted.

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Enter for a Chance to Meet Oprah in Hawaii

Are you thinking it's time to shift your mind and start a new, healthy adventure and you'd also like a chance to meet Oprah in Maui? Well then, it's your lucky day. WW (formerly Weight Watchers) is hosting a referral sweepstakes. As you may know I'm a lifetime WW member and I was also a… Continue reading Enter for a Chance to Meet Oprah in Hawaii

Balance, Boss, Live Launches Today

  The wait is overrrrrrrrrrr! So excited for the launch of O, The Oprah Magazine's new website. It's filled with amazing content, I swear I could spend hours just sinking into the inspiring posts, images and stories. Head on over and check it out. We are so proud of the entire team at O Mag.  

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Letting Go of Our Fur Baby

How is it that one week you are smiling and walking around the patio and the next week you are just a puff of fur along your old bed? Letting you go was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I am still heartbroken over it. Maybe my heart will hurt forever.… Continue reading Letting Go of Our Fur Baby