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Top 5 Tips for Finding a Remote Job or Side Hustle in 2020

As many of you know I’ve been working remotely, in some capacity, since 2006. There are so many reasons I work remotely and enjoy it. I often get asked how to find remote jobs and side gigs and I thought I’d do some posts about what has worked for me in hopes that it may work for you as well, or at least inspire you to find a remote position or possibly learn a little something.

My Puppy Co-Worker Pepper

1. Legitimate Job Search Sites: My first suggestion is looking on legit job boards. There are a ton of scams out in the telecommuting world, so legit sites are the only answer. The three most helpful sites have been FlexJobs, Indeed and Craigslist.

2. Keywords: Don’t search for “stay at home” or “work from home” jobs. Those searches bring up crazy spam, so take those out of your brain and your fingertips.

3. Resume Redo: Research how to improve your resume for remote jobs. There are keywords in your resume that will help you get through the initial stages of trying to land an interview. Most resumes are never even seen by a human being until they have gone through the first round electronically, and if your resume doesn’t reflect exactly what they are looking for, you don’t have a great chance of making it to the next step.

4. Skills: Make sure you are marketing your “remote-friendly” skills. Have you worked with anyone who wasn’t in your physical office? Put that on your resume! Do you have wonderful writing and communication skills? Add that to your cover letter ASAP. You get the idea, but check out this great post on FlexJobs for some more great tips.

5. Check Yourself: Realize that a remote job doesn’t mean you get to do nothing at your house all day in your pj’s and get paid. Yes, you can wear your pj’s, but there are tracking sites and apps that allow employers and teams to connect hour to hour to make sure stuff is getting done. A remote job is a wonderful thing, but it is still an actual job.

There are so many reasons I will never go back to a conventional office; puppy co-workers, seeing my husband and kids instead of commuting an hour or two each day, making actual food to eat for lunch and being able to support my parents when they need me. If a remote job sounds like something you’d like to find, get going on your search, no one is going to do it for you, and it could end up changing your life forever.

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