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“A Taste of the Quarter in Every Order”. Nola Creations cookbook and seasonings

Nola with me in the background
Aunna, Darrell & Terrell of Nola Creations. And me in the background taking a picture after Terrell smoked me on the raceway. 🙂

One of the hardest things about being on Season 10 of The Great Food Truck Race, on Food Network, wasn’t the long hours or the heat in the kitchen, it was the fact that I wasn’t able to eat everyone else’s food. When you are smelling, and seeing, all of these delicious dishes, but can’t have a bite, it is flippin’ excruciating. And those beignets, those beignets!!!!!!!!!!! Damn you universe that I didn’t eat some of their award-winning beignets.

Screenshot 2019-09-20 at 5.28.21 PM

Thank goodness now, you can take a little bite of the show for yourself. The winning food truck; Nola Creations has their own cookbook and seasoning mixes. Their slogan is “A Taste of the Quarter in Every Order”, and they ain’t lying. Each week they went above and beyond the expectations, and they delivered five star meals from their truck.

Chef Darrell Johnson

If you aren’t sure what to make for dinner this week or need a little spice in your life, order their seasonings and cookbook today! I couldn’t be more proud to have met and know these wonderful human beings. They were so supportive and kind to me, and I will never forget them. I know you will love their recipes, so let me know which one you make first and I’ll share it on my post and social.

Nola 2

Cheers to delicious cuisine and fine people. Happy cooking!

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