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What does it mean to be authentic?

What does it mean to you to be your “authentic” self?

Stephanie Authentic B
Peace out OC Real Mom. Hola Authentic B.

I recently went on a culinary adventure that wasn’t as authentic as I had hoped. There were some very dark moments for me, and it made me work through some things. After a few weeks back to “normal” I decided to re-brand my site, and social media, with the name Authentic B (Authentic Becky on some social platforms because they wouldn’t accept the name Authentic B – whatever).

I’ve been wanting to rename my blog for months, and I tossed around ideas with some friends and mentors. I asked a close circle of people what three words they would use to describe me. The word that came up the most was “bubbly”. I thought that was interesting. I can be bubbly, and I like bubbly, but I’m not bubbly most of the time. Most of the time I’m actually pretty quiet.

Authentic Bubbly with a cherry

I’m one of those 49/51 introvert/extroverts. I work alone in my house on my computer and only really see other adults in person when I drop off and pick up at school, at the grocery, on the weekends or other times when I plan to see them IRL. Or let’s be honest I see a lot of them at Target. I truly enjoy the time I have with other adults, but I also love my alone time, and working remotely allows me to see my family grow up.

My mission in life is to be as authentic and honest as possible, in all situations. People don’t always believe my honesty, or like to hear it, and that’s just fine, sometimes that honesty isn’t really for them, sometimes it is only meant for me. But I do feel like I’m authentic in almost everything I do. I mean, I really try to be authentic. I don’t like frauds and bullshit. Not so much.

So this re-branding of my blog is about becoming even more of who I am. More authentically me. And the “B” can stand for so many things. It can simply represent Becky (my nickname and middle name), and bubbly. But it also stands for badass, bossmama, babe and some other b words. I’m sure you can fill in the blanks. Ultimately though, it is about all the authentic sides of a person and I hope it inspires you to be your most authentic self too.

My wish is that you enjoy this relaunch and will join me on the journey to “b”ecoming even more boss, and blissful and bubbly. And I hope I can help you become the bodacious baller you want to B.


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