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Like a Bossy: An Assertive Girl in a Complicated World


My eldest daughter came home from school the other day, she was upset, the kids in her group project called her “bossy”. Well, one kid in her group project called her bossy, the one kid who hadn’t done their share of work, of course. I paused and said take it as a compliment. She looked shocked.

I paused because I knew I needed to further the conversation, then I asked her…”do you think Oprah is bossy?” She kinda tilted her head, grinned and answered “yes.”

I continued, “Do you think JoJo Siwa is bossy? Or what about Bill Gates? Do you think he’s bossy?” She answered yes to both, and smiled an a-ha smile.

We continued to talk about what the word “bossy” means, and why someone would use it negatively.  We decided amazing people are bosses, so we guess that’s probably where the word “bossy” comes from. We also figured no boss gets to be a boss, without being a bit bossy. So all in all, being called bossy truly is a compliment, especially to those of us who like to get stuff done.

It was a great conversation for both of us. It made me remember not to use positive words to put down assertive actions, and it opened her to the possibility that being different, being proactive and being a boss isn’t a bad thing; it’s something to be celebrated.

My daughter is a strong leader. She’s an entrepreneur, she’s a creator, she’s energetic and determined. She’s also sweet, loving and kind. And yes, sometimes she’s bossy. I hope I can lead her into knowing all the parts of her are amazing, and not to let anyone tell her differently. Well, I guess they can tell her, she can just choose to listen or not listen. And most importantly she can decide what actions she takes in response to negativity, because isn’t that what #likeaboss is truly all about?

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