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Can you eat out while following a Low FODMAP Diet?

So you all know I’ve been experimenting with different diets to deal with some tummy troubles and other issues. I remember coming across a low FODMAP diet years back and I thought “heck no, I can’t follow that plan”. Alas, I’m giving it a shot at least for a couple of weeks to see if there are any positive, obvious results – good or bad. Honestly it’s the worst plan I’ve looked at because I LOVE asparagus, apples, avocados, artichokes and broccoli, plus I cook with onion and garlic like every day. Well I did cook with them every day.

I love to go out to restaurants, but as you can imagine, following any type of special diet is a friggin’ challenge anywhere outside your own home. When I visit friend’s houses I show up like I’m catering the joint. I don’t even remember what it feels like to go to a restaurant and order whatever I feel like eating, instead I settle for whatever may not make me sick. So fun. If you are able to eat whatever you like, please, next time you head out to a restaurant, have a blooming onion for me would ya, and smother it in that delicious sauce?

Since I’m not going to just stay in my house, and cook every day of my life, I did some research and I came across some sites that already have tips for eating out on a low FODMAP diet. Hoping these may be able to give me some positive guidance, and help you as well.

Here are my top 5 favorite posts:

1. How to Eat Out on the Low FODMAP Diet by A Little Bit Yummy
2. Low FODMAP Restaurant Guide by Real Nutrition RX
3. How to Navigate a Restaurant Menu on the Low FODMAP Diet by FODMAP Everyday
4. What to order at American Restaurants on the FODMAP Diet by Calm Belly Kitchen
5. Eating Out on a Low FODMAP Diet: Hack the Menu by The Platejoy Blog

Now obviously if you eat gluten, soy or dairy free completely, you’ll have to be even more inventive, but it’s still possible to enjoy a meal out with friends and family. You just gotta plan and ask. Thank goodness I am a virgo, and a food detective, or I swear I’d never go out.

Cheers & Good Luck – Stephanie

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