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Happy New Year, here’s the resolution you never wanted.

The year started off just fine, super fun actually, but then my body decided to give me a resolution I never wanted, another dietary challenge.


If you know anything about me, you know I eat gluten and dairy free. If you are new to my world, I’ve been gluten free for almost seven years, and dairy free for about one.

Going gluten free wasn’t as difficult as getting rid of dairy because I LOVE cheese and still haven’t found any alternatives that really replace the delicious creaminess of cow cheese. Alas, I’m not a baby cow, and I’m off the dairy milk and cream and all that loveliness. Damn you milk proteins! Where is my creamy, dairy-free, soy-free brie?!?!?!

As far as living gluten free, yes, there are many challenges, but there are SO many more gf options and the list is growing every day. Do I wish I could have delicious pizza with melty mozzarella – um yeah. Can I live without it? Yes, clearly I can and I am able to make a delicious zoodle pasta without a speck of gluten.

zucchini noodles

Aside from those challenges, I live a pretty healthy life, run 5-6 days each week, consume veggies and fruits, stay away from too much fat and red meat, but I still feel like something is attacking me. Unfortunately I’m still not feeling as awesome as I believe I could, so I’m taking another step. I’m going to try to live without soy for the next two weeks to see if that makes a difference.

me running

I’m sure you are like, awwww soy, what’s the big deal? Just don’t eat edamame and soy sauce, done. Not so fast. To quote the gorgeous Blake Lively “there is Soy in everything“. And the girl ain’t lyin’. Soy is in EVERYthing.

Just this afternoon when I started to think about eliminating the popular legume, I decided to check my gf crackers – soy. Then I checked my vegan butter – soy. Then I checked the gluten free, dairy free frozen meatballs I finally found last week – soy. The gf rolls I love so dearly – soy. My olive oil spray I use every morning – soy. Why is there SOY in OLIVE OIL spray?!?!?!?! It’s like gluten all over again “Groundhog Day” style.

Once the shock and anger wore off I headed to Sprouts and bought the same brand of butter, Earth Balance, in their soy free version.


I also felt bad for myself and bought a box of allergy friendly snickerdoodle cookies. Thank you Enjoy Life Foods, the cookies are delicious!

After throwing away a few things in my pantry, and eating my cookie, I’m ready to re-frame my mind. I know going soy free will be better for my body all around; less processed foods, hopefully less nasal drip and tummy troubles, headaches, itchy throat and skin, etc. I’ll just have to see how it goes and keep you posted.


If you have any product suggestions or recipes, send them my way, and I’ll share my finds and meals as well. Oh and I double checked, wine and champagne are soy free as far as I know, and I decided to stop searching the world in case that’s not true. 🙂

me in robe

Cheers – Stephanie


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