Balance, Live

Letting Go of Our Fur Baby

How is it that one week you are smiling and walking around the patio and the next week you are just a puff of fur along your old bed? Letting you go was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I am still heartbroken over it. Maybe my heart will hurt forever.

I still feel sadness for my dog Peaches who went to heaven when I was only 16. She had cancer and was only 8. You were in my life for almost 14 years – that’s only 2 years shy of my relationship with my husband. I think I may have even spent more time with you than him. Working from home you were my colleague, friend, a sibling to the girls. You protected us and just wanted to be near us. You loved us always and we will always love you. This is so hard. I’m so sad.

I miss you Denver dog. 😦


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