Live Maine Lobster Delivered for Mother’s Day

Plum Steal: $115 for Live Maine Lobster, Mussels, and Crab Cakes for Four, Delivered to your Door – a $245 Value

Mama, it’s celebration time. Gather your family and best friends around the dinner table for a feast you thought only came in dreams. Maine’s finest foods are coming straight to you: live, succulent lobster; fresh mussels; and moist, jumbo crab cakes. Crack open a bottle of wine (or champagne!), and sit down to munch on the all the goodness. Whether it’s Mother’s Day dinner, a birthday, or weekend treat, this meal will take everyone’s satisfaction to the next level. Today’s offer from GetMaineLobster.com brings you four 1 to 1.25-pound lobsters (and yes, they will be alive!), 4 pounds of mussels, and 4 large crab cakes. Order online and before you know it, dinner will be at your doorstep… bon appetite!

2 thoughts on “Live Maine Lobster Delivered for Mother’s Day”

  1. These are Maine lobsters from Cundy's Harbor. They recently gave me this deal – Ayuh Maine Lobster's Deal of the Day…Get 10% Off Order Total. At http://www.ayuhmainelobster.com 's checkout I entered in the following COUPON CODE and saved some money: A10C92AB6752EA Do you know of any other online deal that will match or better yet beat this?


  2. I would contact Andrew at Live Maine Lobster and ask him for a better deal. He is great, the product is delicious and they have offers on their site daily. Keep me posted!


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