Mother’s Day Gift for only $25 in Orange County

$25 for $50 Worth of Ceramic Impressions of Your Kid’s Hands and Feet, and More…

What’s honestly cuter than teeny tiny hands or itty bitty toes!? There’s something just absolutely adorable and innocent about them! If only they could be preserved.

Oh but they can! Donna, of Impressions by Donna, is an expert at taking imprints of your little one’s hands and feet, and turning them into life-long works of art! She can even capture a paw for that special pet in your life. It only takes a minute! Just book a time to head into Donna’s studio, and she’ll have you in and out before you can say itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny-munchkin-hands. Your finished work will be ready within a few weeks, and can be enjoyed for all of time.

How’s that for a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day present?!
Impressions By Donna Website>

Capture a special moment in time in ceramic! Handprints, footprints, and paw prints… a minute of your time equals a lifetime of memories.

Impressions By Donna Studio
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 378-0319

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