Healthy Gluten Free Appetizer Platter & Some Bubbly

So we had some friends over the other night and I always want to put out healthy snacks before dinner. I figure if you put the fruit and veggies out first, the kids will fill up on the good stuff. I also put together a Gluten-Free platter with myself in mind. The platter included; Oasis Naturals Hummus purchased at Sprouts, Red Bell Pepper & Celery sticks, Grapes & Strawberries and Hidden Valley Ranch Dip.

If you look closely, or have a mind like mine, you’ll notice a garnish that looks a bit risque. Or maybe it’s just me.

I also put out some Tostito’s Restaurant Style Salsa and Trader Joe’s Restaurant Style Organic White Corn Tortilla Chips. Click on the link for more Trader Jo’s Gluten Free Snacks and Foods.

Of course not everyone is watching their Gluten intake, so I also put out some Ritz Crackers for the kids and Lucerne Medium Cheddar Cheese slices. I just enjoy the cheese, no cracker. We tipped off the night with a bottle of Piper Sonoma Bubbly and some Coors Banquet Beers. Cheers to a super fun night.

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